Reviving my blog

I used to write a lot of articles on front-end development back in the days (some of them are still available in the French archive section of my articles). The thing is, writing requires a lot of time and good discipline. Adding 2 kids in the mix kind of broke that dynamic, and I ended up completely removing my blog section when I migrated over to Gatsby last year.

At that time, I moved my website from French to English, and from .fr to .com in order to go international. It didn’t make much sense to keep a French-only part dedicated only to blogging, and that didn’t really encourage me to go back to writing…

But when I reflect back on the 2¾ very busy years I’ve been working at Algolia, I realize I have missed plenty of opportunities to share the things I’ve learned working with such amazing tools as React, Gatsby or GraphQL.

During that period, my team and I were able to:

All those experiences came with tons of learnings that I would like to share more broadly now that I’ve managed to get this blog back to life. My old articles were mostly focused on CSS, HTML and responsive design, but now that I spend most of my days writing JavaScript, the content will evolve: expect way more topics around that!

I’ve also recently moved to an Engineering Manager position, and I might share some insights and learnings if I consider them to be relevant.

That’s all, stay tuned 😎

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